I have always been a true believer in the makeup line eyeslipsface, (aka e.l.f.), and today proved to be the ultimate test in two of my recent purchases.  I decided to try out the Mineral Face Primer and Makeup Mist and Set during their 70% off sale on the company’s birthday—7/7. I love the dewy fresh natural look sported above, so I thought these products would lead me in the right direction.  Today, I used both the foundation and concealer from e.l.f.’s minerals collection (which in itself is flawless for the $$), and used the primer as a base. I was happy to find that the primer goes on ultra-light and invisible instantly. Once all makeup was applied, I spritzed (I know…odd concept) my face, and instantly got a dewy fresh look.  Not only was I completely satisfied with my skin’s appearance, my makeup STILL looks awesome. It’s 8:05 pm, and I worked and had a good sweat at the gym. No wonder it’s on the bestsellers page and featured in Beauty Biz magazine…Rock on e.l.f.

purchase here—http://www.eyeslipsface.com/studio/face/tools/makeup_mist_and_set